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Original shorts and features in development.


New writing, timeless classics.

New Media

Webseries in development and video for small business marketing.

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(To Be Announced)
  • Comedy Feature
  • Currently In Development
  • Written by Carmina Bernhardt
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London Overheard
  • Original Comedy Shorts
  • Celebrating London
  • & the Weird Shit People Say
  • Launching Soon…
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What My Collaborators Say…

Susan Brooke
Susan Brooke
Actress, Writer, Producer

“As script editor, Carmina was informed and thorough. She kept her research central to her comments and was able to describe what was missing from a scene on several levels, ensuring good communication over complex details. We came out of the sessions with a concise, well-rounded script.”

Elena Morgana
Elena Morgana
Actress, Theatre Practitioner, Writer

“Carmina was enthusiastic, proactive, and encouraging throughout my project. As a fringe theatre/work-in-progress show, she knew how to be a reliable figure in an environment highly subject to change. I look forward to working with her again!”

Marie-Claire Ashcroft
Marie-Claire Ashcroft
Professional Rebel, Happiness Ninja, Moment Capturing Goddess

“I needed someone who was gonna ‘get’ my message. Carmina was it! She worked my quirks and picked up that I didn’t feel confident delivering my message. She coached me using various creative techniques which has left me feeling much more confident doing my own videos. The video still gets a ton of compliments. She’s a star!”