Season 1


001: Have I ever made a solo show before?

Starting out on my journey of making a solo show, I first must ask myself: Have I ever made a solo show? I reminisce about my early theatre training in Canada and the forced solo shows within that training.

002: What the heck is a solo show anyway?

When starting any new creative endeavour, it is important to understand (at least a little) what the parameters that creativity can thrive within. In this episode, I wonder aloud at what a solo show is. Might not have really found an answer, but I had a good time chatting with you anyway.

003: How do you know who to work with on a solo show?

Just because it’s a solo show, doesn’t mean you need to do this all by yourself.

Ask for help…but from whom?

004: How do you figure out what to make your show about?

You’ve got to make your show about something, but what?!

005: Why tell your story through the medium of a solo show?

I interview Miss Emma Bentley of Joue Le Genre. She helps me find out why to choose to tell a story through the medium of a solo show.

006: How do you do the other characters in a solo show?

I jam about how we can do (represent) the other characters in a solo show.

007: How do you meet the game to develop self-led work?

When you are your own motivator, how do you keep going?

We’re on our own, dear Listener, for this question, which is as it should be!

008: How do you face the shame of sharing what’s in your brain?

This is for all you Creative Weirdos out there.

Let’s get weird.

009: How do you face the fear of being alone on stage?

Actress & poet, Lizzie Stanton, joins me in today’s podcast to talk about the fear of going full solo. (Solo, but not alone, that is.)

010: How do you decide what text makes it into the show?

Actress, Writer, (Sometimes) Producer & Singer, Cecilia Gragnani, is my special guest today and I ask her how she decides what text makes it into a show.

011: How do you decide what amount of time the story needs?

Actress & Theatremaker, Elina Alminas, is this week’s special guest.

Doing a fringe show all by your lonesome? Elina and I discuss how to figure out how long we should make our stories. Consider staying till the end, please!

012: How do you get people to come to your solo show?

Director & Founder of AND MANY OTHERS, Annemiek Van Elst, is this week’s special guest.

In order for theatre to exist, we need an audience, so how do we get them to come to the show?

013: How do see your solo show contributing to the community?

Multi-hyphenate talent, Maire Clerkin, is this week’s special guest.

We talk community and find out we’re neighbours while Maire is in old London town!

014: What are the benefits of performing solo?

The original TWAT OUT OF HELL, Gary G Knightley, is this week’s special guest.

We talk comedy, writing, solo shows, and Bat Out of Hell.

015: How do you stick to one idea?

My favourite recently retired teacher, Joe Wright, is this week’s special guest!

We talk ideas, writing, and kicking people up the arse with his solo show ASTRONAUT.

016: When you're writing and performing, how do you remove yourself the character?

Introducing my first podcast duo of special guests: Richard Canal & George Goodell.

We talk clowning, shame, and the writer/performer – writer/director alchemy within the realm of the solo show. (Oh, and complete a short sofa survey on cheesecake versus gelato.)

017: What can you uniquely convey in a solo show that you can't convey in other pieces of theatre and performance?

Bentley Browning takes the coveted spot of penultimate guest on Season One of the Stolen Cactus Podcast.

We talk relationships, creativity, comedy, fringe festivals and inviting the audience on a journey through all of those things! He also asks me a perfect question for my final episode of season one. Thank you, Bentley!

018: What are the top three things to know before embarking on a solo show?

It’s a solo show to finish off Season 1: How to Make a Solo Show.

I reveal the top 3 things you need to know before even thinking about starting to make your solo show.